UV Lamp Specialist

Supplier of major British & European brands

Fordways Products are specialists in UV Dryers and UV Lamps with over 40 years experience in this field.

We can also supply UV Lamps to existing specifications, sourced from all the major British and European manufacturers. We can also supply a UV Lamp to your own specifications for OEM.

For all your UV Lamp requirements please call Office UK 01628 771275 (International +44 16 2877 1275) or
Dave on 07831 302068 or Fiona on 07958 985590
Email info@fordways.com

UV lamps

Click here to download our PDF UV Lamp Identification Form which you can print out, scan and email to us.

UV Lamp Applications

UV Lamps have been used for decades in the printing industry curing specially formulated inks and varnishes and are now used for many other applications. The photoinitiators in these inks and varnishes solidify the liquid when exposed to the correct ultraviolet wavelength and intensity. There are many thousands of UV lamps, of different specifications, used in UV dryers where this process is required such as:

  • Label printing
  • Spot varnishing on brochures and booklets
  • Litho printing on large sheets i.e. packaging
  • Varnishing on wood flooring
  • Printing on tinplate
  • Printing on non-porous substrates i.e. plastic food cartons, credit cards, acetates and glass
  • Pencil coatings
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Bank Notes
  • Automotive parts

We can supply UV Lamps for the following:

Abbess, Adnos, Adphos, Aetek, American UV, Aradiant, Baldwin, Benford, Brewer, Colordry, Eltosch, Gallus, Giardina, GEW, Hanovia, Heidelberg, Heraeus, Hönle, Idealquarz, IVT, IST, KBA, Kopack, Nordson, Spectral, Technidry, Trumax, Ushio, Uviterno, VTI, Wallace Knight

UV Lamps discounts

We have a special offer on our stock UV Lamps at £50.00 per lamp:

1 off CD1307
1 off CD1308
3 off PM898
7 off CD1588
8 off PM774

So, hurry while our stocks last, please contact us today

Non-standard applications

If you have a specific application for which you require a UV lamp we are happy to discuss this and, once we know your requirements, can design a special UV lamp for you.

UV Dryer Spares

When purchasing your UV lamps you may require spare parts for your UV dryer. We can supply reflectors, cooling tubes, HT cable, capacitors, Constant Wattage transformers and more.

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